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2002 Best in Business Winners

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2002 Best in Business Winners

Best in Business winners for Overall Excellence, by category and listed in alphabetical order are:

(Judges could name up to five winners in each category)

GIANT: (General-interest newspapers with average daily circulation 375,001 and above):
The Dallas Morning News
The New York Post
The Star-Ledger (Newark, N.J.)
The Washington Post
Certificates of Merit:
The Boston Globe
Rachel Beck, national business columnist, The Associated Press;
Johnnie Roberts, senior writer, Newsweek;
James W. Michaels, editor emeritus and Group Vice President/Editorial, Forbes


LARGE (Newspapers with circulation 250,001 -375,000):
San Jose Mercury News
The Oregonian (Portland, Ore.)
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Certificate of Merit:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

John Hillkirk, Managing Editor/Money, USA TODAY,

Bill Grueskin, Managing Editor, The Wall Street Journal Online, and

Winnie O’Kelley, Deputy Business Editor, The New York Times.


MID-SIZED (Newspapers with circulation 125,001-250,000):
Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, Calif.)
The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)
The State (Columbia, S.C.)

Certificates of Merit:

Daily Herald (Arlington, Ill.),

The Des Moines Register (Des Moines, Iowa)

Dale Gibson, Managing Editor, Triangle Business Journal;

Richard Barron, Business Editor, Greensboro News & Record;

Charles Fishman, Senior Editor, Fast Company magazine.


SMALL (Newspapers with circulation up to 125,000):
Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, Ariz.)
Florida Today (Melbourne, Fla.)
The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, Calif.)
Certificate of Merit:

Fort Wayne News-Sentinel (Fort Wayne, Ind.),

Lexington Herald-Leader (Lexington, Ken.),

The Times of Northwest Indiana (Munster, Ind.)

Thom Kupper, Economics Reporter, The San Diego Union-Tribune;

John Hollon, Editor, San Diego Business Journal;

Bob Keefe, national correspondent, Cox Newspapers.


Atlanta Business Chronicle
Crain’s Chicago Business
Crain’s Detroit Business
Los Angeles Business Journal
The Business Journal Serving Greater Milwaukee

Dorothy Abernathy, Virginia Associated Press Bureau Chief;

Rich Martin, Managing Editor, The Roanoke Times;

Chris Roush, Assistant Professor and Director, Carolina Business News Initiative, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina.




Best in Business Breaking News winners, by category and in alphabetical order are: (Judges could name up to three winners in each category)


GIANT (Newspapers with circulation over 375,001):
The Plain Dealer, “TRW,” by Thomas W. Gerdel, Mary Vanac, John Funk, Chris Seper
The Wall Street Journal, “Coverage of Enron,” by staff
The Washington Post, “Worldcom charged with fraud,” by staff


LARGE (Newspapers with circulation 250,001 -375,000):
San Jose Mercury News, “HP claims victory in COMPAQ merger,” by Therese Poletti, Tracy Seipel, Michelle Quinn, Dan Gillmor, Sue McAllister, Elise Ackerman, Scott Herhold, Deborah Lohse
The Detroit News, “Can Kmart lure shoppers back?” by staff


MID-SIZE (Newspapers with circulation 125,001-250,000):
The Buffalo News, “Adelphia scandal,” by Jerry Zremski, Tim Graham, Dan
Herbeck, Fred O. Williams, Holly Auer


SMALL (Newspapers with circulation up to 125,000):
Durham Herald-Sun, “Blue Cross racks up record $85.6M,” by Jeff Zimmer
Durham Herald-Sun, “Swifty Serve Corp. is in fight for its life,” by Jeff Zimmer

Inside the Navy, “Shipbuilding giants may swap LDP-17 and DDG-51 work worth billions” and “Responding to Lott, DOD starts funding LHD-9 and one more DDG-51,” by Christopher Castelli


Bloomberg News, “Treasury’s O’Neil would oppose additional IMF aid for Brazil” by Brendan Murray
Reuters, “Bush’s economic housecleaning,” by Adam Entous, Glenn Somerville, Randall Mikkelsen, Caren Bohan, Steve Holland, Anna Willard

Best in Business Breaking News Judges:

Josh Mills, Director of the Master’s Business Journalism program, Baruch College/CUNY;

Stephanie N. Mehta, reporter, Fortune;

Marcia Vickers, Wall Street editor, Business Week.


Best in Business Spot Enterprise winners:

(Judges could name up to three winners in each category)


GIANT (Newspapers with circulation over 375,001):
Newsweek, “How it all fell apart,” by Johnnie L. Roberts
The Denver Post, “Seven steps to solvency,” by Kris Hudson
The Wall Street Journal, “Uncooking the books,” by Susan Pulliam and Deborah Solomon


LARGE (Newspapers with circulation 250,001-375,000):
Rocky Mountain News, “Qwest’s rise and fall,” by Lou Kilzer, David Milstead and Jeff Smith
The Detroit News, “Why Ford sacked a superstar dealer,” by Bill Vlasic and Mark Truby
The Oregonian, “A rising star’s rapid descent,” by Jeff Manning

Certificate of Merit:
Rocky Mountain News, “Wild, wild Qwest,” by Lou Kilzer, David Milstead and Jeff Smith


MID-SIZED (Newspapers with circulation 125,001-250,000):
The Des Moines Register, “Paycheck to paycheck,” by Chad Graham
The Providence Journal, “Priced out,” by Lynn Arditi
The Virginian-Pilot, “eModel: Cashing in on dreams of glamour,” by Joanne Kimberlin


SMALL (Newspapers with circulation up to 125,000):
Anchorage Daily News, “On the rocks: Alaska’s historic salmon industry faces unprecedented threat” by Wesley Loy
The Burlington Free Press, “Anatomy of a scandal,” by Cadence Mertz
York Daily Record, “Fields of danger: Farm life can be deadly,” by Michelle Starr

Certificate of Merit:
Riverfront Times, “Nasty boys,” by Geri L. Dreiling


Crain’s Detroit Business, “A deal in black and white,” by Brent Snavely
Orlando Business Journal, “Big bucks, small town, bond haven,” by Noelle Haner-Dorr


Bloomberg News, “Edison Schools boosts revenues with funds not received,” by David Evans
Bloomberg News, “U.S. officials leak agriculture forecasts to few,” by Joe Carroll
Dow Jones Newswires, “Critics think Stanley Works may reconsider Bermuda move,” by Phyllis Plitch

Certificate of Merit:
CNET, “The Google gods,” by Stefanie Olsen

Spot Enterprise Judges:
(Large, small and real-time)
Barbara Nagy, Business Reporter, The Hartford Courant;

Vickie Elmer, Deputy Business Editor, Newsday;

Robert Weisman, Technology Editor, The Boston Globe.

(Giant, medium and weekly)

Richard Jenkins, executive editor, MSN Money;

Jay Greene, Seattle bureau chief, Business Week;

Michael Totty, news editor/technology special sections, The Wall Street Journal.


Best in Business Projects winners: (Judges could name up to three winners in each category)


GIANT (Newspapers with circulation over 375,001):
The Denver Post, “Unmasking Qwest,” by Kris Hudson and Miles Moffeit
The Wall Street Journal, “What’s wrong?” by staff
The Washington Post, “AOL’s advertising deals,” by Alec Klein

Certificate of Merit:
Chicago Tribune, “Auditor often fail to warn of bankruptcies,” by Andrew Countryman and Janet Kidd Stewart
Dallas Morning News, “Digikids,” by Alan Goldstein, Vikas Bajaj, Doug Bedell, Brendan M. Case, Gregory Katz


LARGE (Newspapers with circulation 250,001 -375,000):
The Oregonian, “Prosperity lost,” by Catherine Trevison, Ted Sickinger, Gail Kinsey Hill, Brent Hunsberger
The Orlando Sentinel, “A region adrift,” by Scott Maxwell
The San Jose Mercury News, “Rich man, poor company,” by Chris O’Brien and Jack Davis
MID-SIZE (Newspapers with circulation 125,001-250,000):
The Charlotte Observer, “Despair in mill town,” by Tony Mecia, Charles Lunan, Amber Veverka, Sharon E. White, Peter St. Onge, Rick Rothacker
The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, Va.), “Enemy in the aisles,” by Joanne Kimberlin

Certificates of Merit:
The Morning Call (Allentown, Pa.), “Rodale: Roots of change,” by Gregory Karp
The Providence Journal, “End of the line,” by Lynn Arditi


SMALL (Newspapers with circulation up to 125,000):
Corpus Christi Caller-Times, “Malpractice insurance goes under the microscope,” by Naomi Snyder
The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.), “Leaving Louisiana,” by Sara Bongiorni, Chad Calder, Chris Gautreau
The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, Calif.), “From vine to wine,” by Ted Appel


Atlanta Business Chronicle, “Georgia’s corporate tax giveaway,” by Meredith Jordan
Cincinnati Business Courier, “Road to nowhere,” by Dan Monk, Lucy May
Los Angeles Business Journal, “Rise and fall of global pipe dream,” by Michael Stremfel, Anthony Palazzo, John Brinsley, Deborah Belgum, Mark Lacter

Certificates of Merit:
Orange County Business Journal (Calif.), “OC’s cash economy,” by Chris Cziborr, Rajiv Vyas, Daniel D. Williams, Vita Reed, Michael Lyster
South Florida Business Journal, “Inside the PSC/SUPRA,” by Kevin Gale, Alexis Muellner


CBS MarketWatch, “Capitalism’s crossroads” by staff
CNET, “Cracking the nest egg,” by Sandeep Junnarkar
CNET, “A mortal Microsoft,” by Mike Ricciuti, Alorie Gilbert, Joe Wilcox

Projects Judges:

(Giant, mid-sized and weekly categories)
Michael Sante, Business Editor, Detroit Free Press;
Ben Burns, Director of Journalism, Dept. of Communications, Wayne State University;
Philip Nussel, Business Editor, The Detroit News

(Large, small and real-time)
Mark Hester, Business Editor, The Oregonian;
Byron Acohido, technology reporter, USA Today;
Roger Oglesby, Publisher, The SeattlePost-Intelligencer.
(Hester did not participate in the Large judging.)

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